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Event management solutions at UHM India are available for all kinds of events - big and small - ranging from Product Launches, Publicity Events, Trade Shows, and Exhibitions to press conferences, award ceremonies, and opening & closing ceremonies.

Successful events require flawless planning and execution right from the start and an endless fountain of creativity as well. The UHM India team with its perfectionist attitude and mantras of excellence and innovation are perfectly cut out for handling all kinds of events skillfully. This highly creative team takes the lead in developing revolutionary concepts for each event and innovating time-tested concepts for ensuring freshness and jazziness in each event managed by UHM India.

Right from conceptualizing the theme and identifying the venue to making practical arrangements of seating, designing the sets, participant registrations and taking care of all official requirements such as No-Objection Certificates and permissions from various official departments - each step of event management is handled with great care and attention to the minutest detail. No stone is left unturned to ensure a successful event.

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Unforgetable Experiences

Events can be happening or boring depending upon how they are handled or planned. A successful event leaves an impression on the conscious of all those present and pleasant memories of an evening well spent; events managed by UHM India fall under this category.

Press conferences, product launches, book releases, publicity events, trade shows, exhibitions, and ceremonies - hi-mice has done it all and done it in an exemplary fashion. Supported by a highly skilled creative team and a vast network of hospitality partners including venue owners/managers, hi-mice brings into reality events as envisioned by its clients.

Each event managed by UHM India undergoes several stages of careful planning before it is crafted into reality. With the client's requirements in mind, a team of highly creative and skilled professionals undertakes the task of meticulously conceptualizing, planning, and executing each event.

The diversity of destinations serviced by UHM India ensures endless choices of exotic venues set against picturesque backdrops. The exoticness of the venue is further enhanced by unique, one-of-a-kind concepts/themes thought out by the UHM India creative team. Excellent co-ordination with different service providers ensures seamless services and surprise elements inherent of the UHM India experience enhances the unique experience.

The minutest detail is taken care of leaving no room for mistakes or miscalculations.

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