These are short breaks to the hills to enjoy the serene ambience of the Himalayas for a relaxing and refreshing experience. Ananda Getaways also provide a great introduction to the unique combination of spa experiences and activities on offer at Ananda


This package starting at 3 nights inclusive of Room, Meals (Breakfast & Dinner) and spa experiences is an excellent introduction to the unique blend of Ananda’s world class spa with a wide menu of integrate ancient & contemporary therapies and treatments, exhilarating activities in and around the resort and the delectable cuisine of Ananda and is a perfect getaway.

Spa Experiences included in the package

             Number of sessions  
  Includes    Minutes   3 5  
             Nights Nights
  Wild Rose Salt Scrub 45   1 1  
  Ananda Fusion 85   - 1  
  Swedish Massage 85   1 1  
  Reflexology 55   - 1  
  Himalayan Honey & Rose Facial 55   1 1  
  Abhyanga 55   - 1  
  Ananda Touch 30   - 1  
  Personalised yoga session (per room) 60   - 1  
  Yoga Nidra (per room) 45   1 1  

Package 02

Take time to connect at a different level in the most romantic ambience. Ananda's nurturing 3 and 5 night Couples Connect package includes spa experiences within your very own couple's spa suite which awakens positive emotions and provides the ultimate in relaxation.

Spa Experiences included in the package

                Number of sessions  
  Includes   Minutes   3 5  
               Nights Nights
  Ananda Touch 30   1 1  
  Ananda Fusion 55   1 1  
  Ananda Reflexology 55   - 1  
  Aroma Cocoon (OR) Aromatherapy                
  Massage 85   1 1  
  Himalayan Honey & Rose Facial 55   1 1  
  Couples Connect Ritual (by Ila) 120   - 1  


These signature all-inclusive packages are programs which are tailor made for individual health goals. Ananda’s wellness programs follow a holistic approach towards achieving the best results in a safe, nurturing atmosphere expertly guided by our team of expert ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, nutritionists, yogis and spa cuisine chefs.

Years of research by our ayurvedic, yogic and international wellness experts have enabled a unique integrated focus on the core physical and mental aspects which have the most impact. The results are award winning programs which work to create a sustainable journey towards a healthier, enriched lifestyle.

Package 3

The Ananda Weight Management Programme addresses the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss and weight maintenance. Based on the best of both Western and Ayurvedic Treatments, the program is a safe and effective way in which to lose those extra inches. The Spa provides the ideal atmosphere and complete privacy in which you can learn how to gain control and balance in your lives, which are the basic ingredients for healthy weight management.

Spa Experiences included in the package

             Number of sessions  
  Includes   Minutes   14 21  
             Nights Nights
  Stimulating Jet Blitz Shower 15   3 5  
  Abhyanga 55   3 5  
  Choornaswedana 55   4 6  
  Udwarthana 45   5 7  
  Detoxifying Ayurvedic Experiences 45   4 6  
  Energising Earth wrap 85   1 2  

Package 4

This is a personalized programme that includes stimulating and purifying therapies, daily Yoga and Meditation andDosha-specific Ayurvedic diet to help reduce stress, improve health and address common ailments or simply delay the aging process.
·7- day Ananda Ayurvedic Santvanam Program for detoxifying, de-stressing and revitalizing
·14 –day Ananda Ayurvedic Sodhanam Program for deep therapeutic effect and relief from specific medical and health conditions
·21-day Ananda Ayurvedic Rasayanam Program for all encompassing healing
Spa Experiences included in the package

              Number of sessions
  Includes     Minutes   7   14   21
            Nights   Nights   Nights
  Abhyanga 55   2   4   6
  Choornaswedana 55   2   4   6
  Udwarthana 45   2   4   6
  Shirodhara 55   1   3   4
  Pizhichil 75   1   2   2
  Tan Lepa 55   -   -   1
  Thalapizhichil 55   -   -   1
  Kati Vasti 30   1   2   3
  Mukh Lepa Facial 55   1   2   2
  Detoxifying Ayurvedic Experiences 30   3   6   9
  Ayurvedic Lifestyle Recommendation 30   1   1   1
  Personalised yoga session (per room) 60   2   4   6
  Pranayama (per room) 30   2   3   4
  Yoga Nidra (per room) 45   1   2   3

Package 5

The Ananda Detox programme has been carefully designed not only to Detox the body but also the mind. This personalized program includes stimulating and purifying dosha specific ayurvedic therapies, yoga, meditation andDosha-Specific Ayurvedic diet to help to detox, reduce stress and improve health. The healing process involves herbal medication, massage, periodic liberation of toxins through two Sneha Vastis (enemas with medicated oils).
The detox diet would include 2 salt free, non spicy diet days to enable the body to remove water retention. A cleansing diet, with light fruit, vegetable and juice inclusions will help clean the body of toxins. After a few days digestion will feel lighter, with an increase of energy levels and improved mental attention.

Spa Experiences included in the package

              Number of sessions    
  Includes   Minutes   7   14   21  
            Nights   Nights   Nights
  Abhyanga 55   2   4   6  
  Choornaswedana 55   2   4   6  
  Udwarthana 45   -   1   2  
  Nasya 30   1   2   3  
  Sneha Vasti 30   1   2   3  
  Kashaya Vasti 55   -   -   1  
  Tan Lepa 55   -   1   2  
  Detoxifying Jet Blitz shower 15   2   5   6  
  Detoxifying Hydrotherapy bath 25   2   4   6  
  Detoxifying Aromatherapy massage 85   1   2   3  
  Detoxifying salt scrub 45   1   2   3  
  Mountain Dew Skin Freshener Facial 70   1   1   2  
  Energizing Earth Wrap 85   -   1   2  
  Detoxifying Aroma Cocoon 85   1   2   3  
  Earth Stone Massage 75   1   1   1  
  Jal Neti 30   1   1   2  
  Kunjal Kriya 30   -   1   2  
  Personalised fitness Training (perroom) 60   2   4   6  
  Personalised Yoga (per room) 60   2   3   5  
  Pranayama (per room) 30   1   2   3  
  Yoga Nidra (per room) 45   -   2   2  

ØIndividual Wellness Consultation; Ayurvedic Consultation (where required)
ØPersonal Fitness Consultation, Fitness Test and Body composition analysis where required
ØOngoing progress checks with Doctor and Spa consultants
ØDetailed debrief session and lifestyle consultation and counseling session
·Morning Wake Up signature tea and fresh fruit bowl provided every day.
·3 Ananda Rejuvenation Spa Cuisine meals (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner), per night per person
·Transfers from the Haridwar Railway Station or Dehradun Airport
·Daily use of the Hydrotherapy facilities: Steam, Sauna, Chill Plunge Pool, Kneipp Hydrotherapy Foot Bath and Heated Lap Pool

Package 6

Day 01: Arrival Delhi
On arrival at Delhi, our representative will meet and take you to the hotel. At the hotel, he will brief you the program for the day and handover documents required during the tour. After refreshment on hotel, get ready for rapid tour of New Delhi, covering all must see tourist destinations and places of interest in available time. Their are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Delhi: Red Fort, Humayun Tomb & Qutub Minar.
Overnight stay at hotel in Delhi.

Day 02: Delhi - Bandhavgarh
After early morning breakfast, drive to Delhi domestic airport to board flight for Jabalpur airport. Our representative will meet you in Jabalpur Dumna airport, brief the tour program and help you in transfer from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh National Park (200 kms / 04:00 hrs), by road. Do evening park safari of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve spread over Vindhya ranges of Central India. It has 32 hills and 39 caves in which some are man-made & rest of the caves are natural.
Overnight stay at resort in Bandhavgarh.

Day 03: Bandhavgarh
Do both morning & evening park sarfari of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.
Bandhavgarh has main attraction of tiger sighting and Bandhavgarh-fort on hill top. Wildlife attractions of Bandhavgarh are: tiger, spotted deer, leopards, sambhar, wild boar, sloth bear etc. Bird sighting from hill-top during fort visit is another attraction as we have chance to do bird watching of flying birds and do photography. Some of the birds encountered during game drives are: Pulm Headed Parakeet, Jungle Babbler, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, White Throated Kingfisher, Black Drango, Racket Tailed Drango, Crested Serpent Eagle, Greater Coucal, Red Necked Vulture, White Rumped Vulture etc. Bandhavgarh fort was a Garrison, whose visit is a special in which we can see ancient Bandhavdheesh temple, man-made ponds, small Bandhavgarh fort, Treasury building, statues, caves, bird photography point etc., all on the top of the hill.
Overnight stay at resort in Bandhavgarh.

Day 04: Bandhavgarh - Kanha
Do morning game drive as the last safari in Bandhavgarh forest, later transfer from Bandhavgarh to Kanha Kisli (255 kms/05:30 hrs) / Mukki side (300 kms/06:30hrs). Kanha National Park is at South-West of Bandhavgarh National Park in Satpura range which is stretched to Pench & Satpura National Parks. Do enroute visit of Ghughuwa Fossil Park, have 6.5 million years old plant fossils.
Overnight at resort in Kanha national park.

Day 05: Kanha National Park
Do both morning & evening game drives of Kanha Tiger Reserve.
Kanha national park is one of the most tourist friendly national park providing shelter to some rarely seen wildlife species like world famous Hard-ground Barasingha (Swamp Deer). Kanha Tiger Reserve offers sighting of Tigers, Leopards, Indian gaur (Asiatic Bison), Wild dog (Dhole or Sonha Kutta), Hard Ground Barasingha, Mouse Deer, Wild boar, Blue bull, Spotted Deer, Four-horned Antelope etc. Rarely seen birds like Crested Serpent Eagle, Malabar pied hornbill, Red headed vultures, Green Munia etc. Places to visit inside Kanha are : Bamni-dadar, Number-7, Sonf meadows, Kanha meadows, Lapsi Kabar, Naag Bahara, Dig-dola, Ghorella, Indri Camp etc. It we will be enough, we may get chance of elephant ride also when trackers on tusker sucessfully locate tiger during the time of Morning Park Safari.
Overnight at resort in Kanha national park.

Day 06: Kanha National Park
Take both morning and evening game drives of Kanha Tiger reserve.
Overnight at resort in Kanha.

Day 07: Kanha - Delhi
On early morning, drive to Jabalpur Airport to board flight for Delhi. On reaching Delhi, transfer to hotel for refreshment and rest of the day we may go out for shopping in Delhi or may explore Edwin Lutyens New Delhi like India Gate, President House (from allowed distance), Parliament (from allowed distance). Later take complimentary dinner and get ready to board flight to get back to home or next destination with our best wishes.

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