Sports Tourism

There are several classifications on sport tourism. Gammon and Robinsom suggested that the sports tourism are defined as Hard Sports Tourism and Soft Sports Tourism, while Gibson suggested that there are three types of sports tourism included Sports Event Tourism, Celebrity and Nostalgia Sport Tourism and Active Sport Tourism.

Hard and soft sport tourism

Hard definition of sport tourism refers to the quantity of people participating at a competitive sport events. Normally these kinds of events are the motivation that attract visitors visits the events. Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, F1 Grand Prix and regional events such as NASCAR Sprint Cup Series could be described as hard sports tourism.

Soft definition is when the tourist travels to participate in recreational sporting, or signing up for leisure interests. Hiking, Skiing and Canoeing can be described as soft sports tourism..

Sport events tourism

Sport event tourism refers to the visitors who visit a city to watch events.An example of this would be during the Olympics. Each Olympic host city receives an immense amount of tourism.

Celebrity and nostalgia sport tourism

Celebrity and nostalgia sport tourism involves visits to the sports halls of fame and venue and meeting sports personalities in a vacation basis.

Active sport tourism

Active sport tourism refers to those who participate in the sports or events.

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